Thursday, December 20, 2012

Knee surgery

I have been having problems with my knees for about a year. After two MRIs my doctor decided I needed to have my meniscus repaired. This was suppose to happen in June but because my iron was to low it was postponed until Monday.

I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 and was instantly taken to the preop area. I was given two antibiotics in an IV and some nasty drink to neutralize tummy acid. The surgery went well. I was given at IV pain killer and assumed I' d be getting the same in pill form. I was sad when I looked at the prescript and it was Hydrocondone w/acetaminophen. This mixture always makes me sick but decided to take it anyway. I left the hospital and it occurred to me I didn't even ask what they did. I had my post op appt Wednesday so I was gonna ask about it then.

At my post op appointment i was informed I had left knee arthroscopic medial meniscectomy micro-fracture surgery. I have done quite about of research on the meniscectomy part so I kind of new what to expect. I didn't know about the micro-fracture until my post op appointment yesterday, so after my appt. I instantly got online to research it. The surgeon told me I only needed to use the crutches if I was feeling "gimpy". The research I had done when I got home contradicted that... Everything I have read about microfracture surgery says you stay off the leg for 6-8 weeks so the knee has time to build up a clot and thus create new cartilage. So tomorrow I am going to call the surgeon again because I have been walking on my leg without crutches and don't want to feel like this surgery was a waste.

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