Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 2012 Birchbox

Received my January Birchbox yesterday. It was so nice seeing that pretty pink box walking over to me via the postal worker. The minute I got to the car I tore the box open. (so no pretty birchbox pics today). I got box number 5. What was in my box.

Ok so upon opening the box I noticed little pieces of glass and shrieked.. The juicy couture sample and my Zoya in Kendal were shattered to pieces. When I got home I spent a good 30 minute cleaning nail polish off the sample of Algenist and the Fix Malibu bottles. I had to throw the granola away because it smelled like perfume.

I didn't care for the sample of perfume being shattered but I love Zoya and really wanted to try Kendal. I own Kristen and Kennedy from the Feel Collection and Kendal was the last one I coveted.

Oh well. I emailed the Birchbox fairies. Hopefully I get replacements or some points or something.

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