Monday, November 11, 2013

Tidings and all that stuff

I haven't posted on my blog in awhile. I wonder why I still have this thing up?  Idk.  I have now lost a total of 50 lbs.  It has been a struggle to say the least. I am still doing low carb because my body just can't take sugar  or gluten based products.  I have had a few cheat days over the course of the past 10 months and it's been torture recovering.  I still have about 40 more lbs to go and plan to buckle down and get the rest of this weight off me.

I had my debit card skimmed about 2 weeks ago and I have been severely stressed out about it. Someone cloned my debit card and used it in Houston, TX.  I've been trying to figure out where I used my card that had a skimmer attached.  I am thinking someone jacked the magnetic info from my pocket since I have the habit of walking around with my card in my pocket.  (not anymore).  It has been a struggle. The bill collectors don't care that my money was stolen out of my account. I bank with Regions Bank and it is taking them forever to reverse the fraudulent charges. I am livid because each transaction was run as "credit" and backed by Visa/MC policies so they should have done the chargebacks immediately.  Oh well, no sense whining about the inevitable.

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