Saturday, February 9, 2013

New beginnings

Since my knee surgery in December I have changed how I eat in a big way.  I need to drop a lot of weight to take pressure off of my joints and after much research decided that the Ketogenic eating program was the right program for me to follow.

Here is why:  I am hypoglycemic and anemic so eliminating the foods that cause highs and lows in my blood sugar is necessary for my sanity and more protein will cure my anemia naturally instead of me taking those nasty iron pills.  I really hate eating pasta and being tired afterward. I really hate eating oatmeal for breakfast and feeling like I should take a nap. Based on my research this Ketogenic eating program will help get these in check since the program consists of 5% carbs, 65% good fat and 30% protein.  Basically if it's green and has a face I can eat it. :-)  The best part of this diet is BACON!

January 5th I weighed 225lbs. As of today, I weigh in at 193.  

I had my cholesterol checked last week and these are my numbers:    

Cholesterol. below 200mg 

LdL.  under 100 mg
VLdL (12)

HdL. over 55 

Triglycerides under 100mg

My hdL and my LdL look good. They can definitely be better but my overall scores are fantastic and losing 14 lbs since March they are going to be slightly off. Apparently your triglycerides are the most important because they determine your likelihood of having a heart attack. 

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